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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Weber: Protestant Ethic January-24-11 12:15 PM (Continuation from last weeks lecture [13]) The Future of the Nation-State 1.If nationalism is a function of modern society, once modern society is completed shouldnt the age of the nation state pass? 2.Regional integration 3.European Union 4.Local revival nationalism (Quebec) Material chances of life deeply connected to entities outside our country; economic integration (with evil Americans) - e.g. Getting rid of NAFTA? -> political unification with the US? Not just the US, the whole era of the nation-state should pass? - e.g. In European Union - who are you first, European or [nationality - e.g. German, French, etc.] - a significant # rank European first, nationality second; even if nationality first, much pride in being European - identities which are normally competing, but cohabitable here ~ reached that next stage, Europe is so integrated, less barriers to trade between Germany & France than there are between Manitoba & Ontario - in contrast, Canadians are Canadian first, not considering selves as North American - labour mobility - Europe has gone very far in terms of integration (although no European army, aircraft carriers, etc.) ~ but politicaleconomic terms, very integrated - is the nation-state coming to an end? - challenge from above, but also challenge from below - the constituent parts claiming autonomy (e.g. Quebec) - Quebec is so autonomous at this point that they dont need to separate - fundamental challenges to national identity, both from above&below - national identities: sticky? But they do change. - e.g. A lot of people argue within Quebec today ` what would separation even mean today? Lecture 14 Weber: Protestant Ethic 1.Weber, father of modern sociology, German nationalist, spoke about 12 languages, asked a lot of interesting questions
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