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Modern Democracy

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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Political Science October 4 , 2010. Democracy: Institutions Reading: Andre Blais, Criteria for Assessing Electoral Systems Juan Linz The Perils of Presidentialism, pp.80-83 Horowitz, Comparing Democratic Systems, pp.73-79 Lipset, The Centrality of Political Culture, pp.80-83 Juan Linz, The Virtues of Parlimentarism, pp.84-91 Marx: Reality you think you see is not real reality; real reality is exploitation Democratic Institutions Democracy is a method for choosing leaders. Universal franchise, secret ballot, majoritarianism Emerges out of different pre-democratic contexts But there are different kinds of democratic political institutions, different way of organizing democratic government. These have profound implications for how government is carried out, how social interests are channeled into politics, what political competition looks like, what kind of
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