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POL101 Lecture #7

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

102411POL101 Lecture 6 Problems of Democracy We see democracy literally everywhere we goSeem as a superior form of government19752010 46114 democracies53 democratic breakdown half have not return Democracy and EqualityRules of the gameThe political institutions that make up democracy Rules and Laws that governLaws that protect our human rights These rules and laws are the foundation of democracy Managing diversity Moderating power with democracy Voters tend to vote in the center median has a moderating effect Reflects the majoritys willReflected of the norm of inclusion we are all included normative committementAllows us to fight them in a moderate and civil wayInstitutionalized uncertainty Destabilized force is the unknown that makes democracy stable that uncertainly has a bery stable affect in politics allows us to rethink regroup to fight againVariations of democracy essay No two democracies is alike Broad concept that is applied to reflect particular social and economical conceptconcerns Dynamic changes over time as society changes Old democracies are constantly changing and revising to catch up with the societyEqualityAt the core of democracies is the notion and principle of equality Individuals are treated equallyEquality of opportunityPolitical equality applies equally to everyThe rules of democracies politically speaking apples to everyoneProcedural democracyThe political processFocusing on the rules of the game the constitution CCRF political institutions that we put into place are the strengthen procedural democracies that it delivers equality of opportunities Free Polyarchy Robert Dahl Public contestation The process of democracy we have to right to fight and advocate of our own views We have the same standing rightInclusion Participation Not excluding anyone Extended and exercised to each individual Fair political process
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