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The Soldier and The State

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Political Science December 6 , 2010. Civil Military Relations and Democracy Reading: Huntington, Civilian Control of the Military - A Theoretical Statement, pp.380- 384 Hastings, The Runaway General Dunlap Jr., The Origins of the American Coup of 2012, pp.2-20 Problem of the Guardians Democracies still live in a world of states From feudal to mass armies Draft versus professional armies Those who fail to feel the armies you risk losing your state Even if you have an army, what kind of army? Transition from feudal armies (aristocratic armies ie. In Europe and Japan). Story of mass citizen armies > question is should you have professional or draft army? Historically, those mass armies evolve into drafts Who guards the guards? What is the mode of control of civilians over the military? Huntington subjective versus objective Coup of 2012: was the problem lack of subjective versus objective control? Recent debate: dont ask, dont tell Militias in US decentralized people who were armed who were supposed to protect the freedom of the people; idea was that US would have armed citizenry army Huntington -> first model = subjective based on the way people think; all in all its their commitment that controls them t
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