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POL 330 LEC Jan 25, 2012

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Melissa Williams

POL 330 LECJan 25 2012 refocus of readings for next few weeksRawls III1 ReviewRawls offering account of justice in society specifically distributive justice as different from allocative justice Allocative being I have a cake how can I assign this fairly among the people in this roomDistributive asks how did that cake get produced How were the processes involved in making the cake allocated What are the longer term plays of the system of justiceWhat then is justiceArbitrary morals are those that we do not deserve to be born into and do not put one man above another A man born into a rich family is no greater than that of a man born to a poorer family These moral have no place in the distribution of justiceThe veil of ignorance gets lifted higher and higher as one is raised through the process of defining and applying justice 2 Principles1 Equal basic rights and liberties 2 Principles of governing the economyFair equality of opportunityInequality in a society is only justifiable if it is of great benefit for the worse o
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