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POL101 Lecture #5 W

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Political Science

020612POL101 Lecture 5 W Dependent Development Wong The core the idea about getting rich is the idea of development major aspect of political scienceWhat is developmentthe core is improvement Think of development of progress transformation of societies etcWe see improvement through the function of development Most people strive for improvements in their lives Types of developmento Human development as individualsConcerned about infant mortality rates healthLiteracy all the measures that tell us how individuals live o Equitable development The distributed consequences of developmentThe distribution of income what is the takehome incomeThe distribution of wealth larger of bundlesThe distribution of lifechances the ability to move upo CapacityThe capacity to upgrade the transformative potentialHow accessible it education at the university level is it good quality are you able to development skills that will allow you to continually upgradeo Sustainable developmentlong timeThe environment impact on economic terms oil agriculture commodities economy in Canadao Political development Concerned about rule of law democracyModernization theory as societies move to become more urban literate industrial we should see the insulation of democracy Focus on aggregate economic growth How to explain economic growthWhy do we use theoriesExplain on how to world works Prescribe how the world should work Predict on how the world would work A theoretical Conversation The cosmopolitical work SmithShould encourage specialization what you should do and should make is what you are good at making Emergence of division of labour A theory of individualism Productive prosperity happy If you let markets work and the global division of labour everyone will benefitThe mercantilist view ListFor List what really matters is the nation List 1841 page 53 all englandWritings Two things that List wants to stress1 All nations matters 2 The world is unfair
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