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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL101 WEEK 9 NOVEMBER 23 , 2010 800-1500 Missiles Taiwan, Republic of China De jure Chinese province De facto independent state 1996 missiles crisis 2005 Anti- Secession Law 2010 Arms Procuremnt Bill o Key point: uncertainty, will China attack Taiwan if they try to get independence?Will the US Defend (though they said they will). Taiwan wasnt worried about its existence until the 1980s Taiwanese are worried about the rise of China Chinas Rise: what we know Second largest economy in the world. There was a boom in their economiy Chinas hard (military) power (Ratio, China to US) o Active military personnel- 1.5:1 (PRC:US) o Americans spend 8times more on their military than China. China is nuclear power o Land-based weapons- 1:1 o Naval Ships- 1:2 o Defense spending- 1:9 o Available military personnel- 5:1 Soft Power on the rise o They are being nice to African countries to extract resources in exchange of billions of dollars (Investment). o Energy Security o Beijing Consensus
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