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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

thJan 17 2011Lecture 13Nationalism and ConflictWhat is Nationalism There is a seemingly obvious answer the ideological of nations A nation is a group that wants to have its own state But things are not so simple Nations do not invent nationalism instead nationalism invents nations What is a Nation A group of people who believe they share a common fate history culture and language Their belief is NOT illegitimateNationalism says that the state and nation should be congruent The leaders should share a common culturelanguagehistory with the peopleCanadians are nationalists They believe they have a Canadian nation and that they should have a Canadian state Some Canadians are nervous about their nationalism NationalismBut this occurs only under modern conditionsthere is something about modernitythere was no congruent between nation and state before modernityNever before in human history did people insist that their leaders be of the same culture and never did leaders try to make the people share their cultureThis is a modern phenomenonIts the need for congruence that needs to be explainedNationalism and ModernizationHigh cultures and low cultures European monarchs and their populationsThe monarchs did not share the same languageculture as its populationThere was no need for cultural congruenceif Russians today communicated in Englishlike the last Tsar did it would not be legitimateIndustrial society and need for universalization of high culture
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