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March 14 Global Governance- Promise and Challenge Lecture

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Political Science
Joseph Wong

Global GovernancePromise and Challenge March 14 2011 LectureGlobal Governance and the International System y Global Governance is a response to realismo RealismInternational system is anarchic absence of world governmentStates are the core of the international system and act on behalf of their self interestsconcerned with relative power Zero Sum gainOne states gain is another states lossy ProConflict y League of Nations and Collective Securityo Response to realism o Collective Security DoctrineAll states agreed that any aggressive actions by a state would be considered illegal and would be punishedFailed ie Japan attacked China y Neoliberal Institutionalismo Accepts there is no world governmentanarchico Positive view realities of complex interdependencecooperateStates are interdependent upon each othero Forms of interdependence in terms of health climate collective security etc o Cooperate so all states benefit Net BenefitPositive Sum o FunctionalismCooperate in functionally specific ways ie trade o Rules and NormsBy cooperating states can devise Rules of the gameNorms Appropriate behaviory International Organization and Regimes o Bretton Woodsall states agreed to fix their respective foreign exchange rates o European CommunityEuropean states would reduce tariffso European Union EUStates would maintain debt levelso Common Agricultural Program in EuropeHarmonized pricesUN Systems of States y To maintain international peace and securityo Take effective and collective measures to remove threats y Develop friendly relations among nations based on equal rights of all peoples and stateso Principal of Equal Rights y Achieve international cooperation to solve international problemsy Act as a sector for harmonizing the actions of nations Global Risksy New World y CollectiveCommons Climate Change o ie climate changeWhat happens in country A also happens in country B y Borderless World Global Health o Borders dont matterie SARS y Uncertainty Technology o How do we ensure this new technology is not used unethically o Cyber Technologyhackersy Human Security Genocide
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