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Democracy with Chinese Characteristics

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Nov 1 – Democracy with Chinese characteristics China in the modern era - End of the Qing Dynasty o Qing Dynasty essentially closed China from the rest of the world; economically backwards - Republican revolution o End of the Qing Dynasty sparked a nationalist revolution o To make matters worse, the Qing Dynasty was a Manchurian dynasty (seen as barbarians) - Sun Yat-Sen – “Three Principles of the People” o Elected as president in 1912 o The beginning of the 20 century seemed like a rebirth of China o Nation – unification o Democracy – end feudalism and end dynastic regimes, the Chinese people would rule themselves o Welfare – modern China would serve the welfare and livelihood of its people after being ruled so long by foreigners Non-democratic modern China - Not a democracy in terms of polyarchy - Not a political system where political uncertainty exists - Freedoms are extremely curtailed (i.e. censorship) - The fact that China is not a democracy ‘turns the theory on its head’ A democratic revolution? High tide of Maoist socialism (1949-1956) - Mao closed off foreign markets and believed that China should be self-sufficient due to bitter prior experiences - Mao believed that he could raise agricultural production by 185% in years o Since people were forced into cooperatives and had to work harder, production naturally rose, Mao grew confident that the people would believe in him 100 Flowers Movement (1956) - Mao was bombarded with criticism he did not anticipate
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