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POL101 Lecture #8 W

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Political Science

030512 POL101 Lecture 8 W Kopstein Failed StatesPower is far more disbursed around the worldModernization Sequences West state first nation second followed by mass politicso Germen has nation first state secondo By the time the masses enter politics through voting the organization of Europe is chopped up into states nation states The rest of the world this sequence was not always followedo Many countries that were colonies of the west Africa Asia Middle East theyve received direct mass politicso Colonial purpose of resource extraction Mass politics before institutional developmentFrance first defined their borders then their culture French and then the voting is implementedo In Niger is the reserving of the development sequenceo Very important factor that has lead to failed consequenceso Bigger problem of colonialism than exploitation of resourceso You can recover from economic disasters because the institutional structure was developedPraetorian polities A modicum of modernizationo Education urbanization industrializationo Rich people are richer in power countries than compared to rich people living in rich countries o Even the poor people in the developing world st
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