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Lecture 20March 14thGlobal GovernancePromise and Challenges wongGlobal governance and the international systemAnarchic international systemRealism o Backdrop against realist theory o Anarchic international system absence of government o Primarily concerned with relative power of states o Realists understand international system as zerosum gameo States are prone to conflict its all about national interestLeague of Nations and collective security o Windrow Wilson and collective security doctrine o State interest is a priority but nonetheless we can create collective security doctrineo Way of curbing realist prone notion Neoliberal institutionalism o Accepts realist premise and we live in a state without world government o But believes that we can mitigate conflict of realist system o Neoliberal institutionalismcomes after WW2presumes that there is no world government and that the international system is anarchicmore of a positive view than Realiststhe realities of complex interdependencestates are interdependence in a modern worldeconomic interdependence and also security climate change health and human securitythe assumption is that despite the anarchic system we live with complex interdependence and therefore we cooperatein all states to benefiton balance through cooperation will benefitdiff measures but they will all benefit and there will be a net benefit o Interdependence o Positive Sum o FunctionalismCooperate in functionalist areas we can collectively solve specific problems Functionalist cooperation leads to positive gain for everyoneo Rules and normsNorms of appropriate behavior unwritten We can create positive sum world by abiding by themInternational organizations and regimes o Rules of the game matterso Rules how states can behave States are concerned with powerlesser and morehow to flex power in the international anarchic systemzero some gameone states gain is another states lossits competition and prone to conflictrealistconflict Global governance is a reaction and a response to Realismfirst response is the League of Nationsin the interwar periodat the corecollective security doctrineall state
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