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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Oct 2 07

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

LECTURE #4 oct 2, 07 Assignment #1 comparison be marx and 5 pages double-spaced Only allowed to use text and no internet, other book sources CHECK COURSE WEBSITE MARX: History and classes - purpose of reading marx is not to become marxist, but to treat marx as a social scientist. TO learn how to do political analysis - he begins with the analysis of the base, the economic forces of society, means of prodution, technology. Used for survival, as a methodology of how things work. - politics, art, music, love all of these are called the superstructure. Caused by base. - the reality is the base and everything is caused by it. - each stage of history has its way of base, mode of production, relation of labour - slavery was far more regularized, relationship be master and slave. - they had no rights, complex - ultimately the relationship of force, slave is paid just enough to survive. - the relationship was a clear subordination - each type of mode of production had its superstructure, politics(monarchy) - marx, trasition from feudalism to capitalism, new class appeared and
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