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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Oct 9 07

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

LECTURE #5 oct. 9, 07 Max weber and the protestant Ethics Essay questions: do marx and weber fundamentally agree or disagree about the role of ideas in causing the rise and demise of social orders? 5 pages. Double spaced, 12 font, no long quotations but lots of references to texts. Eg. As weber notes on early capitalism (p.24), most ppl did not want to work. Due oct 23, 07, no bibliography, only use textbooks Weber - 1864-1920 - seen as a bourgeois marx - manage to secure himself, a professor - died relatively young, he was considered as a father of sociology and poli sc - came from a politically liberal walthy nationalist family - he was a poligot, spoke and read 8 or 10 languages - he was also, unlike marx, he was involved in normal kind of politics in germany - he was deeply unhappy, suffered from
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