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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Nov 13 07

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Lecture #10 nov. 13, 07 - German Case: Mixed system but highly driven by PR - Before unification: West Germany had developed four steady parties: Christian DemocratsCSU, Social democrats, free democrats, Greens - Unification brought the PDS (former communists) - Mechanisms for keeping extremist parties out (5% and Verfassungschutz) Netherlands and Israel, takes so few votes to get into office that there are all kinds of small parties, issue oriented parties in dutch and religious parties in Israel. 1 need minimum vote to get into PR (5%), designed to keep out Nazi and Communist 2 office of constitutional protection like FBI (Verfassungschutz) Single member district, a large number of ppl vote for In multicultural society, 3% concern that society is divided ELECTORAL COMPETITION: - In SMD system, you run to the leftright to get the nomination and then run to the centre to win the election: capture the median voter - In PR system it looks at bit different
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