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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Jan 22 08 The Rise and Demise of Fascism

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

LECTURE #15 The Rise and Demise of Fascism jan 22, 08 Liberalism and communism are bot ideologies of equality Liberalism is belief of formal equality, law , ppl Communism argue that these are formal equality but true equality can be only obtained by changing entire economic and political order Liberalism (old testament) communism (new testament) Fascism was in essence a response to both, a refutation of both. Rejected very premises of equality whether formal or informal Society should not be based on equality, but hierarchy to produce pathologies. SLIDE 1: The politics of backwardness Competing on the periphery: state and society Germany and japan: industrialization with a purpose Successful economic modernization, partial social modernization, incomplete political modernization Ideologies: cultural despair, rather than adapt to global order, change it NOTES: Germany and japan were not rich at first, with resources and technology they built great military They were both forced to industrialize with the challenge of powerful nations, competing with each other, such as Britain and the US Steel, iron, heavy industry to create a great military, it slowly happened in the case of Britain and US. The accumulation of capital which happened slowly through capital market. In the countries, like germany and japan where they had to develop quickly, they could not wait around on stock markets, what these countries did was huge accumulation of investment in banks. They played a different role than Britain and US. the function of cartels, is bad bc reduce competition in continental but lower risks, ensure ppl that they know that they wont get bankrupt. Junkers: traditional nobility of Germany Making a different pattern that occurred in Britain and US Different dominant class coalition entering the modern world. Urban middle class and rising agrarian entrepreneurs in anglo-american model
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