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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 Jan 29 08 Post-War Germany

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Lecture #16 Slide #1: Post War Germany Divide between East and West Germany Preventing Nazism: different approaches in East and West East: matter of capitalism West: 1 law 2 politics 3 political economy NOTES: At the end of WW2, germany is divided into four occupying countries, Britain, france, Russia, U.S Within the eastern germany, the capital of germany is berlin, which is also divided into 4 zones. The allies other than Russia have right to move troops and supplies through certain corridors to zones in Berlin. The eastern germany became communist and increasing number of refugees to move into west germany, by 1961, eastern germany was losing too much people, so they closed the border (the Berlin Wall) 1 how did we get into Nazism? 2 what can we do to prevent from happening again? Nazism is the product of capitalism. In order prevent Nazism, get rid of capitalism. Nationalize industry and property. The western allies bel
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