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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Feb 5 08 Colonialism and Imperialism

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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Lecture #17 Colonialism and Imperialism Feb 5, 08 - The irony of fascism is that it produced the unexpected outcomes after WW2 where, there is liberal democracy designed to prevent Nazism from happening again. - Industrialization in Europe made the most powerful continent in the world. - Europeans conquered 85% of the world. - The process of conquering and the result of conquering: Colonialism and Imperialism SLIDE #1: Definitions - Colonialism is a practice of domination of one people over another. Involves transfer of people to new territory, where new arrivals become permanent settlers while maintaining allegiance to country of origin. - Imperialism (from Latin: imperium) meaning to command. Draw out attention to the way one country exercises power over another. SLIDE #2: Outline What did the West think it was doing? - Spanish and Age of Discovery: Columbus - Conquest of the Americas: brutal and rapid, small number of conquerors conquered the whole country. - A religious discourse: civilizing mission to native p
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