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Lecture 21 Mar 18 Politics and Religion-From Secularism to Post-Secularism

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL103 March 18th, 2008 Political Theology in Europe public authority geared toward insuring private salvation tension thw political authority and catholic church (power was excommunication) until 16 century, constant tension, was nevertheless expectation that they were on the side of God, notion of Christendom shattered reformation and rise of religious wars th before 16 century, the faith and politics was straight forward secular leaders sought out the decision from religious leaders after 1000 years, the power of church was the notion that here was Christendom if they didnt obey the church, the church would put you outside of church, prosecution if secular leaders no longer sought religious confirmation of their rule, then they were excommunicated protestant reformation, politically there was a great impact religious wars torn apart Europe Argument for Toleration 1. Modus Vivendi: government should enforce true religion but everybody is winning 2. principled argument: freedom of conscience, governments have no business saving souls 3. scepticism: we dont know what the true religion was z government should be involved in saving religious soul z government shouldnt be involved in, give freedom z we should tolerate each other because we dont know
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