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Lecture 22 Mar 25 Liberalism and its Challengers

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL103: March 25 th Liberalism and its Challengers long cycle: royal oligarchies, fascism, and communism all these came from different constellations of social forces but all were challengers only in the state form all based on ideology systematic critique derived by intellectuals ideology: logical and scientific relationship for critique of existing order and proposal of a new order all clashes bw liberalism and its challengers were all based on ideologies from where: cores and peripheries core: northwest triangle in the West peripheries: challengers usually came from outside the core New Challengers: Dynamics end of history? what did that mean. role of reason, trade, law and international organization when communism had fail, history would have been finished and big ideological challengers are finished ideologies are now based not on state but on international organizations But global inequalities continue to produce and fuel counter-systemic ideologies. these new ideologies produces conflict same dynamics: adapt or challenge scarcity from whatever source may produce new kinds of anti-liberal ideologies (speculations on environmentalism) Huntington H
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