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Political Science
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Joseph Wong

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Glazer: - major threats to any democracy: problems created by the deep social divisions within many nations - not talking about the divisions between rich and poor but the divisions that you cannot change: ethnicity, race, religion etc - poverty and prosperity are largely inherited - religious identification grained at birth, recently matter of choice - increasing immigration= more commerce - homogeneous- Muslim countries- everyone has same culture, religion etc - heterogeneous- more multi cultural - all countries that were homo are now heterogeneous- except muslim countries - factors should not matter in ideal democratic world - some countries- economic conditions are positive even if they have divisional issues- i.e. Canada and u.s - Canada has French and English issues - How do democracies deal with deep divides o Free political parties competing for votes, including votes of minortieis are kep factor in moderating these divides and binging forth the measures that produce a degree of stability - India o Many problems of democracy o Independent life began with division Sen: - Political leaders in India are unfaithful, unequal amount of money, [ep[;e getting elected are from elite families, wealthy, not a lot of faith, no transparency in candidate selection, criminal pasts - They want democracy but they are unfaithful - Even in a democracy there can be corruption Liberation technology: larry diamond - use of technology spreads the word about unjust events in communist countries- specifically china - enables citizens to express news, opinions - scrutinize government, expand freedom - but o china, belaruse and iran work to filter and control the internet- punish those who post resisting things - definition: any form of information and communication technology that can expand political, economic and social freedom o ex: compute, social media, - advantages o internet reaches everyone quickly, its is multi way (interaction), users do not have to be passive recipiencts (can be journalists) o empowers people to become political and challenge rule - part of an authoritarian rule is to control information o Malaysia: the country lacks freedom of press because of authoritarian rule, regime dominates prints and broadcast media through direct ownership and monopoly practice- one person has control, shapes what people see and read o China: has worlds largest population of internet users, also has most extensive and sophisticated system to monitor internet, sensorship, when protests come about the government shuts down all media usage Authoritarian impermanence - authoritarian systems gace been with the world the longest and have ruled more people - obedience to authority instead of personal freedoms - *READ READ FRIEDMAN TH NOV 14 AT HOME The geography of chinese power - china is becoming not only a land power but a sea power - they have a very good geographic location- on the water, they have land - the communism in the country helps the infrastructure - the country is absorbing a lot of western practices- helping them – technology, forming relationships with other states - they are expanding trade with the outside world, helping to expand their economy - key difference between us and china is that a lot of Americas goals are created to help other peopke (afghnaitsan) china is focused on only china, bettering china – like their economic survivial which is their national interest - although china has risen internationally they have a lot of issues with their neighbouring countries, they have ethical nationalist issues - because china has this wan
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