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Political Science
Joseph Wong

ndPOL101Y April 2 Is There Truth in Political ScienceHow do we know what we think we know Theory in Political ScienceTheories are important to describe and explain how the world worksRealist IR theory for example believes that the world is anarchic Also claims the nation state is most important in how a country behaves selfinterest and what structures this system is powerNeo liberal institutionalists think we also believe that the world is anarchic and nations act in their own interests but nations still have a capacity for compromise Realists for example think that with an anarchic world with nations acting in their own interest with power as the systems structure it is prone to conflictNeo liberalists believe cooperation is fostered with the creation of institutions WTO etc that facilitate this co operationTheory to make argumentsTheory of collective action if people are behaving irrationally it is unlikely collective action will occurRole of markets some think the invisible hand of the market will is most important for econom
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