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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL101Y1 February 13 2012The World Wars A devastating turning pointWWI 15 million deathsWWII 50 million people diedImmediate post war period how did world wars specifically shape post war reconstructionFrom this human devastation what lesson did we learn that ended up shaping the post world war and allow the global economy to grow at a remarkable paceWWII as a continuation of WWI to get at the lessons we have to go back to WWIWorld War I 19141918Rise of Germany economy was growing twice as fast England was threatenedArms race between Germany and US England began to feel isolatedAlliance formation England forms alliance with France and Russia as a way of containing the rise of GermanyEngland is terrified of the rise of Germany because of what this would mean Isolationismexpansionism surrounded by alliance France and Russia so Germany allies itself with AustroHungary and feels isolatedPower transition moment rise in German power doesnt matter if they didnt mean to be malicious a
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