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Failed States

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

FAILED STATES: March 7th - the state does not provide the most important good we expect it to privde - the origins and functions of the modern state - modern state is something between an empire and a city - states in the current order are geographically large - the current system we have today of a world chopped into states, has not been around since 1648 - at the end of the 30 years war - it is a gradual process that took some time to take shape - rulers expropriate the means of violence controlled by local rulers - states did not exist as we normally think of them - states as we think pof them inbroad terms have onyl existed for the last 300 years - before that time, there were competing centers fo violence on the same territory - Marxist ideology- the means of violence - historically it took a long time for urlers to expropriate, own, and take away tje violence controlled by rulers - in present day Canada; employees of the federal ministry, they are workingobeying the orders of people theyll never see in ottawa - the mounty analgoy; subordinates himself to the centre, how does that come about? - - process of soveriegnty building in Europe - statebuilding as a protection racket: organized crime vs organized crime -state bulding projects; essentially protection rackets, getting support from the outside-ish citizens, those not involved directly in the main city - the isniders ensure their own protections - state projects are competing projects of organized crimes
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