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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

rdOctober 3 2011 POL101Lecture Modern Democracy we take democracy for granted the apartheid in South Africao political economic and social system o example of racial segregationo south African blacks were discriminated against 80 of the population blacks werent allowed to voteo Continued until 1994 Would you go to prison to fight for or defend democracy o In 1975 only 29 of countries in the world had democracies o In 2010 there was a massive increase in democracies raising to 59As society is modernizing they will then become politically modernizeIn democratic states the peopleor demos is sovereign in oligarchies on the other hand the few have the positionAristotle the PoliticsPolyarchy is a political orderin which citizenship is extended to a relatively high proportion of adults and the rights of citizenship include the opportunity to oppose the vote out the highest officials in the government Robert Dahl on Polyarchy Democracys Virtueo LibertyFreedomAssociation Speech Being able to say what you think without getting punished for it Our rights to disagree Liberty allows us to deliberate in democracy to argue to debate through political institutionso Equality Not only economic equality Political equality As a citizen of democracy you enjoy the rights of that citizenship
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