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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL101LECTUREOctober 31 2011 Democracy with Chinese Characteristics China in the Modern EraEnd of the Qing Dynasty thEnded at the beginning of the 20 century China had imported Opium from the British causing a large population of addicted citizensWar with Japan 1895 The end of this dynasty defeated the idea of the Chinese nation with an extended history Population crisis Growth rates exceeded beyond economic means Economically and technologically backwardNationalist revolution a way for the Chinese to stand up to their external oppressors Japanese British Republican Revolution Lead by Sun YatSenChina evolving into a republic a modern countryThree Principles of People 1Nation China was to become a modern nation that would be able to defend itself and be selfreliant 2The principle of democracy China would become a democracy It would create the political institutions that would allow for the virtues of democracy to flourish 3The welfare of its people China would be able to feed its people it would not be weak The Chinese state would have the ability to defend the welfare of its people A break from imperial dynastic China into a modern democratic republic NonDemocratic Modern China Do not see a real democracy or polyarchyNo inclusive participation of citizens within the countryNo institutionalized uncertainty keeping us in the political gameRelatively poor human rightsHow is it that China can modernize and not be democratic I A Democratic RevolutionHigh tide of Maoist socialism 19491956The Chinese Communist Party had won the civil war A potential democratic moment does not succeed According to Mao Socialism To break away from old feudal ways Chinese revolutionary spirit A spirit that would allow China to stand up
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