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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

thNovember 28 2011 POL101LectureCold War Realism International Relations Theory and War Cuban Missile Crisis first time that nuclear weapons play a gigantic role in how affairs are conducting each otherRealism OriginsThucydides Melian Dialogue The strong take what they can the weak accept what they musto When Athenians attacked Melos and surrounded it with ships soldiers and proceeded to negotiate terms of surrendero If the Melians didnt want to surrenders the Athenians would take over Meloso Melos as weak o Politics isnt about morality its about power o Anarchyo Self Helpo States do not have friends they have interests and these do not being because of good relations The relations between countries must come to terms with the fact that there is No global government or global police first o States must help themselveso The only thing permanent is Canadian Nation Interesto What ever serves our intereststh It became clear to scholars as early as the 19 century when from 1815World War I there were no continental wars in Europe o Long peaceo What preserved the peace was the balance of power and assistance of system of alliancesweaker band together against stronger o German Unification 18711 and rise in industrial and maritime power upsets the balance o World war I and world war ii a function of power economic power translates into military power Power on the continento The wars are about power Relations between countries are about power and power advantage For the realists what matters in relations between states is relative power gains power is zero sum not absolute gains possible is get a winwin
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