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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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thDecember 5 2011 POL101Lecture Civilian Violence and WarAncient Greece to the HolocaustAncient Greek philosophy is written in a way that isnt familiar to us Thucydides in Peloponnesian War War is normally thought of as state on state o Talked about war between two countrieso Usually thought of as state on stateViolence is usually the monopoly of the stateMax Weberstate monopoly of legitimate use of violence within a given territory Civil war is something different Collapse of state collapse of sovereignty Either no or multiple sovereignties What is the difference between civil war and revolution sequence o Most translations from translation historically called it the revolution not civil waro Both are competing for sovereigntyo Decide which side gets one ruleo Ones mans revolution is another mans civil war very difficult to make sense of neighbor on neighbor violenceo it takes a lot to make people act like they would in Thucydides writingsAncient Greececivil war family feud fighting within a community Peloponnesian war 30 year war World war because it was a war in the entire Greek world Era of city states no over arching statesPelopeonnesian War431403 BCE Backstory 480BCE beating back Persians Athenians led the way almost single handedDelian league Athenians held everyone together 479432 BCE Rise of Athens versus Sparta Athens became very powerful Contrasts land versus maritime oligarchy vs democracy military vs commericial orientationo Very different kinds of political orders o Sparta was militarized societyo Citizenship rights o Spartans people lived under Spartan ruleHelots
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