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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Joseph Wong

POL101Y Outliers or models Dependent Development One way to think of getting rich is the idea of development What is developmentThink of it as progress through this idea we get that of improvementDevelopment is about improvementHuman development micro level development Focus on individual matters such as infant mortality rates human health literacyEquitable development primarily concerned with distributive consequences of development the distribution of incomesalary distribution of wealthproperty holdings stocks various assets distribution of life chances the opportunity for social mobility gender largest form of structured inequalityCapacity the capacity to upgrade transformative potential in a society education accessibility employable skillsSustainable development longer term Environmental impact of economic developmentPolitical development democracy human rights the rule of law modernization theory very important aspect of political development Focus on aggregate economic growth how to explain Use theory for 3 reasons in Political science Explain how the world works prescribe how the world should work and to predict how the world will workA theoretical conversation l the cosmopolitical viewWhat should govern how we behave is the invisible hand of the marketSmithunder a system of perfectly free commerce each country naturally devotes its capital and labor to such employments as are most beneficial to each This pursuit of individual advantage is admirably connected with the universal good of the wholeDavid Ricardo 1817This is a theory of individualism what your individual advantages are hard work rationality it is only under these conditions they believe that a capitalist system will form in such a way that prosperity results and then peace Leave the market to tis own devices no government involvementall England would thus in smiths theory be developed into one immensemanufacturing cityGermany would scarcely have more to supply this English world with than childrens toys wooden clocks and philological writings List 1841 P53 List is nationalist
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