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Political Science
Joseph Wong

th Politics October 17Communism and facism no matter where you are in the liberal democratic world youll know youre in a liberal democratic society A common institutional ethos similarly there was a time when communism was so prominent that no matter where you go in the communist world you would know youre in a communist society Liberalism and its crisis thLong 19 century is peak of liberalisms appeal Countries wanted to become liberal it was the prominent fastest growing ideologyLiberal institutions develop even where social basis is not obviously presentLiberalism and the working class Extension of the franchise Rise of social democracy in western Europe Evolutionary socialism and reconciliation with liberal democracy electoral socialism What about the revolution lennon says evolutionary socialsm cant work in Russia because it has no parliament furthermore you cannot publically organise opposition lennon revolutionary movement under conditions of authoritarianismrussia must be conspiratorial workers only capable of trade union consciousness they need leadership outside of the working class Lennon argues that the purpose of the party is to represent the consciousness that the working class will never have For Marxism this means the revolution will not inevitably happen through the working class it needs leadership
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