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Lecture 20

POL101 Lecture 20

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Promise & Challenges Lecture 20 On the 28th, Dave Naylor will be giving a guest lecture about health emergencies & the politics surrounding that Re: Final Exam - will cover material from entire course but with a greater emphasis on the second half 1.A fairly new concept [Global Governance]; back in the day, tended to focus on government; with IR - tended to focus on governments, etc. however, over last decade, terrain has shifted somewhat, now focus more on governance a process of governing Audio recording started: 12:27 PM March-14-11 2.Global Governance.wma 3.Brief overview of what global governance entails, some of its challenges, with a more critical eye, etc. Global governance & the international system 4.Anarchic international system - realism 5.League of Nations & collective security 6.Neoliberal institutionalism Interdependence Positive sum Functionalism Rules & norms 7.International organizations & regimes 8.By & large, in realist conceptions of IR, states behave according to their national self-interests 9.States are primarily concerned with relative power (which countries have more, which have less, etc. if were a country of less power, how do we ensure that more powerful countries dont destroy us? If were powerful, how do we best flex that power to gain whats best for our self-interest?) 10. Zero-sum: hyper competitive; one countrys gain is anothers loss prone to conflict [realist pov] 11. Realists presume the international system to be anarchic & prone to conflict 12. Response (in modern era): the League of Nations [Woodrow Wilson], emerges in interwar period; the idea of security doctrine (@core of League of Nations is concept of collective security) 13. All states agree that aggressive action by other states = illegal; if one state behaves aggressively, then all non-aggressor states will band together & punish them a system based on punishment, supposed to work on deterrence - fantastic idea, but it didnt work 14. Out of WWII emerges neoliberal institutionalism (another system of international relations) - accepts notion that there is no world govt - presume that the
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