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Political Science
Michael Ignatieff

POL382January 25 2012 Guest Speaker Peter Miliken Served in HOC from 1988may 2011 Elected speaker of HOC from 20012011 making him the longest speaker in Canadian history Rulings for peter milliken were felt throughout the worldExpert in parliamentary governmentSubject today parliamentary government in CanadaIs parliament doing its job Does parliament need reform or change If so what changes are practical Advertisementsense that PM power was essentially presidential power Govern alone you govern from the top But that ad does not fit well with what a westminister parliamentary government is which is a cabinet working together No one governs alone You need a responsible government Cabinet government does matter and it does make a difference Reverend grant and John A MacdonaldIn politics friendship is loyalty loyalty right or wrong Things That Have Happened Since Milliken was First Elected in 2001Question Period when M was first elected was quite different The speaker would ask who would be asking questions He did a balancing act choosing a certain number from each party It was part of the way it worked The leader of the opposition would always go first Later on the speaker agreed to shorten the answers and questions to 35 seconds each so no one could babble on They divided up the questions based on the number of members each party had in the houseMade up a master list of who got questions in which order For example when liberals were official opposition in early 90s 3 q would go t the leaders 2 to the next one up then the next party the bloc would get 4 questions When you look at the total list of the 45 minute of question period the liberal opposition got nearly half and then split between the bloc and NDPSpeakers can rearrange the listWhat this meant is that you have to ask the question that the party tells you to ask rather than what the individual MP wants to askThey are expected to read that question during question period because it is what everyone wantsControl Over DebateControl time over debate
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