Lecture 1 (Summer term)

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Political Science
Professor Kanta Murali

LEC 1 What is a Nation 14052012 150500 Office hoursSS3062 M45 PM first assignment 35 pgs double spacedemail assignments as well as handing in hard copy What are Nations wherewhenhow do they arise old or new civic or ethnic natural or constructed thin the 20 CEH Carrthe aftermath of nationalism the idea that nationalism was sent to the dustbin of historysocialism and liberalism the new ideologies assumption that grievances were by and large economicby the 1990sa new wave of nationalistethnic conflicts idea of nationalism being kept in check by the cold warlack of agreement on the definitions of nation Nation as CategoryRogers Brubaker Nationalism Reframed Nationhood and the National Question in New Europethe practical uses of the category nationthe ways it can come to structure perception to inform thought and experience to organize discourse and political action ethnic conflict is not always violenceviolence is not the norm Early uses of nation Latin verb nasci to be borna group of people born in the same placeTH18 C France two diff meanings o people of a given country vs the ruling monarcho a strange or alien people
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