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POL101 Lecture 23

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Is There Truth in Political Science? How do we know what we know? Revisiting Huntington and Fukuyama Lecture 23 Review Big Themes of the Class 1.What is Liberty? Concepts 2.Liberalism & its challenges 3.What explains the relations between states: Theories & Cases 4.Why do some countries become powerful & what is the impact of that? 5.The Rich & the Poor 6.Nationalism, Conflict & Genocide 7. Governance Beyond the State 8.What is liberty? What is freedom? - read Constant - what the Ancients believed liberty was - collective freedom; for the moderns, freedom is an individual concept - a rights based order if freedom for the moderns is the freedom of the individual, what happens when you have an entire political order designed that way? - outlined basics of liberal democracy - its challenges 9.Communism, Fascism, fundamental problems of the liberal democratic order Audio recording started: 12:18 PM April-04-11 10. 11. A big chunk of what modern liberal democracy has been for years 12. What explains war & peace between states (as opposed to what occurs in states) - Cuban missile crises, rise of China, power transition theory... o Different theories of international relations: realism, liberalism, constructionism, etc. o Why is it that states relate to each other the way they do? o Under what conditions do you get war or peace 13. Look to big, powerful countries Pelopensian War, the Athenians, etc. The strong take what they can, the weak accept what they must 14. The problem of inequality (not within states, but between states); why are some countries rich & others poor? Why do some stay poor while others become rich? question was whether all of the worlds poor countries would remain poor - no longer a question - some countries have become rich - other questions have risen since: how to become rich? Will the West remain rich, or will we be overtaken by countries previously poor?
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