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POL101 Lecture 22

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Political Science
Dr.David Naylor

SARS David Naylor Guest Lecture {22} Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome retreat of diseases, rise of crime (recent century) Audio recording started: 12:19 PM March-28-11 SARS.wma 1.Germ theory, what causes infectious diseases, etc. 2.Emergence of antibiotics - suddenly could be treated specifically; germs retreated 3.Period where infectious diseases were retreating, & yet drug-resistant strains, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. -> SARS 4.Infectious killing by such germsdiseases, etc. Early 2003... In the Guangzhou outbreak, one third of infected patients were health care workers, including a Dr. L.J.K. Dr. L traveled to Hong Kong for a wedding on February 21st, 2003 this hotel basically became the SARS hotel - scores of people affected - the Hotel Metro Park (name changed in order to attempt to escape its bad notriety) 5.Among the guests he infected, an old woman who returned home to Toronto, became ill & visited her FP; her son fell ill and went to a local hospital outbreak of a respiratory disorder Diagnosis? 6.History of exposure (?) ... And 7. Fever above 38C 8.Cough, dyspnea 9.Malaise, Myalgias 10. Diarrhea And others - but NO DEFINITIVE MARKERS and NO CONSENSUS How to diagnose when operating in the dark unaware of what this is symptoms of most people got better quickly, but a subgroup had a disastrous course & died Treatment 11. Isolation 12. Ventilatory support 13. ?Antivirals? 14. ?Corticosteroids? guessing at treatments lungs were heavysoggyfluid-filledlosing capacity, etc. SARS is caused by a coronavirus - can also cause a variety a milder respiratory syndromes
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