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Sep 27 2010 - Radical Response

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

270910 Lecture Notes - Radical Response - Kopstein The Rise of the West and Marxism - Modernity Origins of the modern world economy The twin revolutions 16th-19th no real upheaval of goverment took centuries, involved agriculture and industrialism A hyperbole because it took centuries for the revolution example: emishbritish farmers Industrial Revolution Originates late 18th century Changes came quickly Example: raw cotton 16 fold increase in 50 years (1760-1837) Production of iron into steel Lead to huge changes in domestic consumption patterns Consequence of Industrial Revolution Luxuries became decencies, which were seen as necessities Rise of middle class risen from manual labour to professional or enterpanual status Social Results 1. ECONOMY: Society of scarcities became society of surplus 2. SOCIOLOGY: Increase complexity in the division of labour increase depenabilty on each other need for a state to regulate the complexities 3.ANTHROPOLOGY: New forms of social consiouness People were no longer restricted to their station or the status they were born into allowed the opportunity to build achievement
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