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Lecture 19

POL101 Lecture 19

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Origins & Functions of the Modern State 1.Modern state is something between an empire & a city 2.Process of sovereignty building in ?Europe 3.State-building as a protection racket: organized crime versus organized crime 4.Hobbes: from security dilemma of war of all against all to modern leviathan 5.Weber: monopoly of legitimate use of violence within a given territory 6.Functions: A. Despotic -- (Weberian); B. Infrastructural -- (Regulatory) 7.Some are good @A but not B; some are good @neither 8.Subordinates to Ottawa (e.g. CPP, etc.) Origins & Functions of the Modern State.wma Audio recording started: 12:21 PM March-07-11 9.Americans have a cowboy, we have a uniform-ized Mounted Police; contrast between the two wandering Canadian plains, the armed Canadian mounted police he could be Law unto himself, yet why does he phone back to Ottawa, under command, etc. 10. Subordinates himself to the centre - how does that actually come about? Howwhy do these guys, in the middle of nowhere, feel obliged to find out what people sitting far away wantwould think (bec e.g. Mounties, have superior weaponry, etc. -> could draw & shoot American cowboy style, alone in wild, etc. 11. All kinds of failed state-building projects 12. State-building -> protection brackets; people @the centre go to countryside, speak to nobles to speak to peasants: if I can control your weaponry, pledge your loyalty to me, etc. in turn I will make sure nobody comes & kills you e.g. Parking your car to see opening Raiders, someone says, if you give me ten bucks, Ill make sure your tires dont get slashed -> a protection bracket the mafia has done that for a long time - state-building projects & organized crime - state-building is always an in-progress project, never finished Al Capone a notorious gangster - but why wasnt he arrested (by Chicago police)? (was totally out in the open, a bootlegger, breaking the law) he collaborated with owned the local state -> the politicians, police, judges, etc. were all in his pocket (the local Taliban, had set up a state within a state) (who wasnt in his pocket, he killed) ~ Elliot Nas finally charged him (the FBI) - the US govt had to take people @a level above local (FBI) & send them into the city -> had to actually recruit ppl, give own guns, offices, means of authority, etc. the only way they could get him was by charging him with not paying income tax; couldnt actually charge him with all the murders etc. the state-building project not complete, the control over violence is not complete -> means of control @their disposal, separate from over time , tactics used by FBI to get local KuCluckx(?) clan 13. Two projects, competing against each other that battle goes on & on (even in Canada)
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