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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Lecture 23 – Global Governance GG assumes anarchic international system – Realism Nothing that's not covered in Global Governace. Global Risks: – Collective/commons: (climate change) – Lack of borders: (global health) – Uncertainty (technology) – Human Security (genocide) New global risks and global governance Transnational Governance involves – rules of the game (international institutions - WTO) – goals and targets – Kyoto accord – Deliberative forums – G8 and G20 Features of Global Governance 1. No government of world 2. Collective fate and commons (financial crisis) 3. Functional specialization (WHO gathers experts of health from around the world for dialogue) 4. Participatory (UN GeneralAssembly) 5. Enlightened Sovereignty (there needs to be some flexibility in sovereignty for global interests) 6. Coordination 7. International compromise: benefits the most countries Challenges: – Collective action problem: climate change – Wicked problem: – Uncertain: do we know if we're at the point of no return? – Multiple causes – Inter-generational consequences – Incentive to free-ride – The weakest link: GG only works if all states comply and play by the rule, only good as the weakest link – SARS: “the first post-Westphalian pathogen” - meaning that SARS revealed borders don't matter – discovered in China – unreported – Spread through HK to rest of the world – Compliance and the double-edge of sovereignty: states could choose to be non-compliant – Global inequality: – rhetoric of global governance is equal participation, but is actually repr
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