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Lecture 21

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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Lecture 21 – Failed States Modernization: Sequences – West: State first, nation second, followed by mass politics – The rest, this sequence not always followed – Mass politics before institutional development – reversal of the modernization sequence has grave consequences – political legacies of colonization worse than economic legacy Praetorian Polities – a modicum of modernization (education, urbanization, industrialization) – weak institutionalization – parties, bureaucracies, regulation – weak civil societies – democratic politics: programmatic versus clientelistic/charismatic – institutional overload: raw social power confronting states unmediated by institutions of civil societies and political parties – international financial institutions apply pressures of their own Praetorian Polities: nationalism and political integration – post-colonial state precedes “nation”. Problem of “tribalism” and national integration. – Dysfunction of parties (elections are ethnic censuses) – Dysfunction of bureaucracies – Economic development policies meant to sustain state rather than create wealth Praetorian Polities: the coup – mass politics, weak loyalties to the centre, weak institutions create unrest and sometimes civil war over distributional struggles – military as institution of upward mobility – socio-economic institution – military steps in to restore order “temporarily” (patterns of LatinAmerica,Africa
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