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POL101 Lecture: October 15, 2012

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

October 15, 2012 : Professor Kopstein MARXISM & ECONOMIC BACKWARDNESSES Year Illiteracy Rate (15+) 1905 79% 1910 79.8% 1915 81% - The peasantry in Russia were illiterate and therefore could not read the Great Masters - A working class that did not yet exist (working class emerges with the creation of industry) o There was a working class revolution with a small working class - Lenin may have understood the world through a theoretical Marxist perspective, but the solutions he implemented were not functional - Russia was one of the most backward countries in Europe - In 1917, the country was immersed in the World War and Revolution o The tsar was eliminated, new parties emerged o Chaos consumed the country, and Lenin and his revolutionary Bolsheviks seized power WORLD REVOLUTION OR WORLD POWER? - The world revolution that had been predicted failed to materialize o It was thus decided that to be a communist was to support the Soviet U
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