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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

th October 29 , 2012 Political Science Democracy with Chinese Characteristics  In the late 1980s early 1990s – Fukiyama’s belief the history had come to an end was a predominant thought  Flexibility and absorbing other types of political order, Marxism has been absorbed by the social democratic state  Has the capacity to absorb and accommodate valid challenges  China is the most significant holdout in the end of history theory o China presents an attractive alternative model to democracy o Political reforms of elections, transparency, and corruption o “…the peoples wishes for and needs for democracy and freedom are irresistible.” o Premier Wen Jia-Bao CNN September 23, 2010 o The prospects of political reform  What are the prospects for democracy in China  Resilience and philosophical, fascist and communist the rise of china and political reform as a challenge to democracy China in the modern era  The idea is not foreign  End of the Qing Dynasty o 1842 – China fought a war against England, called the opium war. England selling trading opium in China caused a moral mash and decay, and economic loss. o Caused a Chinese revolution, and fought a war, lost and had to give up its land and pay war reparations. Huge source of national defeat. o 1895 - China against Japanese, China lost again. o The treaty of shino was signed which proceeded Japan to gain Taiwan o A huge defeat for the Chinese nation, this humiliation caused the end of the Qing dynasty o Another factor was a population crisis. 1850 – 480million o The rest of the world was tech moving ahead, industrial revolution in England japan by early 22 century o China became economically backward and became in an economic crisis o Alththis set a nationalist revolution o 20 century revolution began which toppled the Qing dynasty which was ruled by the Manchurians, aka foreign barbarians o Nationalist republican revolution – cross china the overthrow of the emperor October 1911, proclamation of republic of china, 1912 child emperor advocates the throw o Sun Yat-Sen – “three Principles of the people” o Objective to rebuild a unified China  Sun Yat three principles o The nation the most important unit we as the people are a unified nation o Democracy, no longer a feudalistic regime, no more emperor worship o Welfare the nation was to care for its other citizens, it was the nation’s responsibility  Parallelism of government by the people, for the people  Based its ideas on the west, in 1912 you could observe the most astute student of modernization  Now there is a modern China that is not democratic  All the trapping of modernity  Political system o Constantly changing in China dynamic o Notion of democracy with Chinese characteristics not western style o It is not a democracy by western defection, not about inclusive contestation poliarchy o Instead a relatively poor human rights, absence of meaningful elections, fewer freedoms of speech and sophisticated censor machine put into place  China is turning theory on its head  Modernization they become democratic so far unseen in China  A DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION st o October 1 1949 Chinese communist party proclaims the people’s republic of china o Thee guiding principles  Socialism – a way of breaking the bonds of feudalism  The basis was too built upon the Chinese revolution spirit – Chinese had not only defeated the nationalist party but had fought the Japanese aggression. The people’s revolutionary sprit  Anti-foreign nationalism – look at Chinese history, been nothing but a victim to the world. Invasion, rape and pillage villages give up our land and pay them for it. A deep sense of anti-foreign nationalism, instead socialism and peoples rev spirit a self-reliance can be formed  Totalitarian regime o High tide of Maoist socialism (1949-56) o 100 flowers Movement (1956) – economic growth,
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