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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Communism and Fascism -still exists Standardization Institutional organisation- common A liberal democratic world- dress the same Catholic church- common ethos Fascism- disappears Communism- you would know you were in a communist country, common concepts, similar architecture. Lasted for 70 years still exists today Liberalism and its crisis th Liberalisms appeal lasted until the 19 century, the French revolution to 1914 Liberal institutions develop even where social basis is not obviously present Liberal orders- elections Liberalism and working class extended the right to vote in 19 century R is of social democracy in Western Europe Evolutionary socialism and reconciliation with liberal democracy Electoral socialism Most socialists in the west have embraced liberal democracy because it chooses to include Martin Luther King Junior- equality of opportunity - Wanted the basis of liberal democracy New groups coming along saying it is being excluding Lib. Dem is welcoming What about the revolution? Nicholas 2 - rules as a autocracy, no constitution If you were a Marxist – debates about _______________________ Lenin says evolutionary socialism can’t work in Russia Because there is no parliament, can’t organize as a party in Russia, conspiratorial Revolutionary movement under conditions of authoritarianism- Russia Conspiratorial- underground movement The workers left on their own, Marx was wrong Only trade unions , the workers needed leadership The purpose of party is conscience Marx says workers will come to consciences A party is needed to bring truth to workers Leadership___________ Marxism and economic Backwardness Marx- revolution will happen when capitalism is at its most advance Russian- one of the most backward countries in Europe Working class revolution, with a small working class If modernization hasn’t occurred World War 1- weakens czar, the military used internally, and warfare Czar overthrown 1917- that includes all political groups Oct. 1917- the Bolsheviks coup, the October revolution Justification- Lenin was smart; he said it will be a world revolution Lenin dies- can it survive? World revolution fails to modernize From insurrectionism to statism- supporting communism means supporting the soviet union -what did the communist economy look like? Lenin: “communism = soviet meaning council power and electrification which is a metaphor for economic modernization But does not solve problem Stalinism: Terror and progress Industrialization- The need to industrialize fast, to build up army The problem of agrarian Russia, was mostly agriculture Lenin’s testament- he said Stalin is impulsive Collectivisation- farmers work for wage Forced industrialization- 5 year plan The first was successful The cost of collectivization -famine, killed millions Stalin became paranoid, or maybe ratio
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