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Pol Sci Lect 3 Constant and the Rise of liberalism.pdf

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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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PolSciLect#3: Constantand the Rise of liberalism September-24-12 12:03PM • BenjaminConstant • Swissborn,Frenchintellectualandpolitician • Liberalthinker-contextFrenchrevolutionanditsaftermath • Athistime,Liberalismmeantfreedom • Monarchy- inheritablerule • Toget ridof themonarch,youhad to havea systemto governyourselves • Question-howshouldfreethinkersgovernthemselves? • Howdoyourreplacethemonarchy? - ex.Frenchrevolution • Totalsocialrev. • Modernex:ArabSpring-who willlead • ClassicLiberalism-basedonFreedomfromTyranny -ex:US constitution Modelthatwas Rejected:-the libertyof theAncients • Participatory-freedomwastheactofgoverningandbeinggoverned • Everycitizenwouldvoteonthings -itwasa directdemocracy • PublicnotPrivateproperty -everyonehadpublicfreedomex:freedomofthecommunity -self government -notruledbyforeigners • Privateliberty=freedomoftheindividualtopursuewhatthey wanttodo • selfgovernment-youweren'tgoingtoberuledbya monarch • Thefreedomwasacollectivefreedom • Thissystemdependeduponaclassofpeoplewhodidn'tengageincommerceordidnotwork • Publiclife=household -onlyaminorityofpeoplewerecitizensinGreece • Bigdecisionsintheancientliberty=decisionsonwar • Constantsideaoffreedomshowedthattherewasnomodelforfreedom • Thecollectivesocietywasnolongerbasedonwar,thereforeacollectivemodelwouldn'twork • Fundamentalsenseoffreedom=freedomfromchains=freedomfromtyranny Libertyofthe Moderns • TheywantedfreedomfromtheTyranny • Legalprotectionsinsociety • Limitedgovernment-theycouldonlyhavesomuchpower-youwerea citizen,butalsoanindividual • Freedomisindividual • Thenatureofoursocietyistodrivetheliberty • Natureofoursociety=commerce • Legalprotection=constitutionalstate -acontract betweenthegovernmentandthepeople,onethat wouldlimitthepowerofthegovernment • Institutionswereneededtoconformwiththistypeoffreedom • Limitedgov'tvs.Allcontrollinggovernment ContradictionsofConstant • Modernlibertyis betterthanboththeancientlibertyanddespotism • Modernscaremoreabout freedomfrom • Wepreferrepresentativegovernment -indirectdemocrac
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