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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

BEYOND NATIONALISM: THE THEORY  Nationalism is a product of industrial society: recap  Does therefore, the passing of industrial society into post-industrial society mean that we are moving to a post-national era?  What would that mean?  Primary allegiances shift from nation-state to something about that  How would that actually transpire? Case Study: European Union  Historical circumstances: run up to war and World War II  How to ensure that Germany and France never fight again?  Notions of European Federalism  European coal and steel community: 1951 (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).  State interests: German economic power and French political influence  Idea: unite the economies and then you unite state interests. From Coal and Steel to EU  Contradictions of only coal and steel o Have to co-ordinate everything else  Treaties of Rome: 1957 (EEC and Euratom)  Today called European Union: from six to 27 countries  Institutions a) European commission o Bureaucracy of the EU—supposed to enforce all the little agreements that are made along the way o Anyone who has a citizenship in one of the countries can apply for the job o They are supposed to be loyal to the EU, not to their native country  b) Council o Made up of representatives from the national state—appointed o Everything is regulated with rules—made by national representatives, delegated by their home gover
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