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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

Political Science – 201y1-y Thursday October 11, 2012 (419-445) if the purpose of the republic was to have the perfect city – the purpose of the city is to answer the question if justice for the individual is good for him or not. Is just life or unjust life more profitable-means to approaching the real question of the dialogue – what is justice? The whole founding of the city in this book is to find out what justice is. Blackboard; essay question posted as well as guest lecture. Because of the negative character of this education we get a much clear sense of what the soliders wont be than will be. Focusing on goods for themselves, can share equally with others and preoccupied 4.10 ad- reasonable is always reminded- one which has to be cultivated at birth  All arcitects and city planners agree with Socrates. Example- scarborough; the city hall- great Canadian architecture-  The compensation that Socrates has offered – all of the attractions of the fevered city. The compensation of worthy obects of glacons heirs. When we love someone, what we love about them is their character and soul- this is provitionally one great good scorates offers glacon.  But only a prufied arrows can be worthy such an object of prufied arrows – relationship between arrows and justice with the relationship of happiness and justice  Medicine; the more sophisticated the better. Who is the medical authority that Socrates involves? Homer. Example; if the hero is severibly wounded you give him whine with some cheese mixed in it. We don’t want burdensome treeatments that will move the men out of the battle fied- we need a treatment that will get them back. “kill me or cure me, but don’t drag out” wrong kind of medicine to scorates is heridthis-devoted his life to nothing more than staying alive- that’s not a life worth living. Whine and cheese treatment is the best in the city. Expel the useless and harmful medicine  What do we think of this? It seems to ring a contemapry bell- question of euthinasis – scorates – let them die. This has a broader application- issue of quality of life. Impacted by the sophicsoticated medicine. Much of whats good and possible for life under a regime of what is to be known as a sophtocated soruce of medicine  Civic life; he proposes a certain kind of flourishing life. Doesn’t want anything in society that would undermine that kind of society. Example; reco`uver under simple force of treatment is okay-but to devote time on and on to keep one alive- no let them die. It will be good for the city  Theme of putting the city first.  Scorates; 2 alternatives; Homeric (sorcreates believes is does little good) and sophisticated – deveoted life devoted to mere life. Many people are addicted to life devoted to mere life. Example; CNN movement in the states (and Canada) – secret to life is to burning few calories-the less you act the longer you live. No more action that needs support. They live as close to hibernation as possible. They try to keep their calories. (in reality we are sort of like that).  We all admire people who are free of this- purpose of life to accomplish important things and know that this will happen to risk and action. We all admire such people. But would we admire the soliders in the Socrates city for this type of addiction- are they worthy of admiration? No, because – they are kept from any awareness- they are not to no of this sophisticated medicine- Socrates believes it would causew them to have corruption.  One could say that the general notion to this- is one is to love for death. Life that is devoted to living is useless. Is life devoted to virtue possinble? Death will always strike.  Life lived in the truth rather than ignorance. Fundamental truth of life in the world are nesscarly corrupted by virtue. After the education is complete the rulers are spearted by the warriors. How well was their education taken-how loyal are they to the city (the will be subjected to tortue). Socrates sujests to a lie- rulers must tell the subjects- but one must lie to the rulers as well- that’s how the city will work. 414ce (p93-94)  What does glacon mean when we says “the lie we are most ashamed to tell” a lie that you know no one will believe. You sweat and blush just like thursymacus. The problem with this lie is that no one will believe it. So called best city depends on a lie? But if the lie is not belivable then the city is not feasible  The lie tell that the earth is literally the mother of all citizens. All citizens are siblings- spring from the earth with their insigy with their class. Natural fathers and mothers and siblings – all of that is to be dimissed and therefore faulse---those things are all dreams. Full literal naturalists – the naturalness of birth. Not through education but by birth they are citizens and nothing but citizens. Neither is their devotion to it. Nature is on one hand and the law is on the other. Injustice is a period of justice. That conclusion would be impossible to reach.  Glacon goes beyond the perspective. But the civic perspective is the comprehensive perspective. The reconsepection of the city is one big happy family. We are particular bodies sprung from particular bodies- and the world become of particular bodies  Scorates- not the city but the family invokes the most of attachments. No one is ever felt called upon to invoke that all citizens are their family. Socrates carries the metaphor – the fellow citizens have to see eachother are literal siblings no from their parents.  Glacon- their ancestors of ages ago will be symbolized as this.- these people sprung from the mother earth. Would that be enough for the devotion of the city? Not enough in Athens- where people were devoted to their familes, showcased selfishness and corruption  Seond part of lie; while all of them aree brothers- they have different metals in their souls (silver, bronze, gold) they are not all equal. Sometimes gold parents give birth to non gold- in such case the children will be promoted or denoted. Equal opportunity for all regardless of the class in which they are born in. example, Ontario human rights commission  This aspect of the myth seeks to realize strikes us to desireable; age old human dream. Equal opperutnity for all- equal distribution of justice. But if some many sacrificed for it, why does it need a lie to support it? why cant their just be a lie or policy of ordinary sort (all job have equal opportunity- all females must be treated equally). This not to be society of equality-socrates admit
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