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Political Science
Ryan Balot

POL200Y1Y L5101 1 R. Balot L8: Republic VIII & IX June 4, 2009 5:31 PM Todays Lecture Persuasion + Compulsion Defective Regimes Timocracy+ the Pursuit of Honor Oligarchy + the Pursuit of Wealth Democracy, Disorder + Freedom Tyranny + Self-Enslavement Comparison of Lives Persuasion + Compulsion Is their freedom comprised by compelling them to rule? Socrates would say: if the philosophers are capable of higher things, as human beings they are not capable of a higher sort of life than merely the mixed politicalphilosophical life he envisions for them. At [498A] , they cannot find a better city. If somehow the philosophers did not require cities to live, then they may somehow find a way to philosophize with even more of their time than in Kallipolis. Its natural for human beings to live in cities given what they are. But accounting for human nature, everything in this dialogue occurs within the confines of human nature. Hence, the philosophers will live the best life that human beings are capable of. Everyone in the city will be as happy as they can be. But with the producerswarrior their own special desires for money and material wealth and honours (in warriors); these desires were not to be allowed to run out of control. But they will be restrained if need be so as to make them appropriate citizens. The same goeswith the philosophers, their natural desires to philosophize will not be allowed to run unrestrained. Like the others, the philosophers, given who they are have an initial prima facie preference to philosophize 247 that CONFLICTS with the needs of the community. The city will call them back to who they really are: human beings who live in a city with other human beings. Philosopher will therefore recognize that it is good for them to rule in this city. Why is it good for them? Because it is just for them to rule. Remember that Socrates is trying to argue that justice is good for the agent himself. The producers continue to care for their material well being. Even if the founders of the city make a law that philosopher smuts rule, it is the philosopher rulers themselves that must sustain this law. The point of this law is that it is only fair and just they must rule this city. Hence if they know human goodness, they will do this because it is just. The philosophers do not have to be compelled to rule but they will rule because it is good for the city and themselves. Yet they didnt say this because he didnt wan to muddy the waters and concede to Thrasymachus that rulers rule out of their own self interest. Though it is in a sense since it is just for them to do so. Defective Regimes Book VIII Now It represents itself of the digression through books V -VIII [543C]
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