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Ryan Balot

POL200Y1Y L5101 1 R. Balot L12: Politics III June 18, 2009 6:06 PM Todays Lecture Polity Kingship + Absolute Monarchy (Pambasileia) Books 7-8: Preliminaries 7 .1-3 Politics + Philosophy Practical Provisions Military, Property, and Education Aristotles Social Democracy + Criticisms of As Best Polis Aristotle on Justice and Democracy (contd from last lecture) Political power were distributed (according to Aristotle) based on a conception of the purposestelos of the polis o This theory only makes sense if you consider the polis to be a corporate unit devoted to a single end Grave disputes about the purpose can of course derail this telos based conception o Yet a difference from us is that they still believe there is a telos o This could be the situation in Corcyra: everyone agreed Corcyra should have a telos but they disputed over what it should be 2nd problem o Could citizens believe that there shouldnt be a telos at all? This is closer to Glaucons That it should simply exist to prevent injustice through law or make commerce possible o This is closer to our own conception as well The problem is that people of different cities could be said to be of the same city The polis cannot be simply a defensive alliance It must (for Aristotle) possessa deeper understanding of what it is about and how it will educate its citizens In [.10] he shows us that many problems will persist o What group rules in the city, others will always feel disadvantaged (and this may be legitimate) o The fact that one group is in power and follows its own laws is good BUT This will not get us far because laws themselves can be tilted towards the benefit of a select few or group . Therefore an entire legal system can benefit a particular group! o Hence, simple procedural justice cannot be the answer to the questions of who should rule and what justice is
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