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Political Science
Ryan Balot

POL200Y1Y L5101 1 R. Balot L10: Politics I June 11, 2009 6:01 PM Todays Lecture Aristotle is our Contemporary Aristotles Ethics + Politics Polis + Household What is a polis? Nature Politics Aristotle on Slavery Aristotle is our Contemporary He did not believe in a personal god, but his understanding of human psychology leant itself to thinkers who tried to He was useful for Christian thought He had a teleological view of the natural world and believed there was an overall functional design which could be attributed to something with an overall vision o Hence he supported Christianity But with Hobbes, these ideas were replaced with the advent of the mechanistic understanding of matter in motion Natural phenomena dont make sense in terms of intelligent design Today, there has been a revival of Aristotolieanism due to his theories of human goodness. He has become our contemporary. It is no longer Aristotelian science or teleology. But his understanding of human kind. Aristotle understood human beings to have a specific telos. Human beings could live well, in his view, only if their political cultures helped them to develop the moral virtues (justice, courage, generosity, friendship). He gave an account of the good life based upon an understanding for developing human capacities. He understood human societies to have the telos of making the good life possible for citizens by cultivating character and intellect within them. Aristotle continued the Platonic project of understanding the political life where citizens could be educated and thrive. Yet, contrasted to Plato, Aristotle laid quite a bit of emphasis of politics directly contributing to citizens well being o The liberation - where citizens discuss what is good for their city. Deliberative prudence was important. This is to render good justice in courts of law. Aristotle has become popular again due to the dissatisfaction with contemporary liberal theory. Modern political analysts have observed the disengagement of citizens in the worlds most powerful democracies. The level of ignorance among democratic citizens is on the rise.
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