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Political Science
Ryan Balot

POL200Y1Y L5101 1 R. Balot L16: The Prince III July 2, 2009 6:14 PM Todays Lecture Ch 16-18: Machiavelli, Cicero, Aristotle Ch. 19: Hatred + Contempt Ch 22-23: Advising the Prince Ch 24-25: Fortune + Self-Reliance Ch 26: Conclusion: Free Italy Ch 16-18: Machiavelli, Cicero, Aristotle Chapter 16 begins with generosity o Cicero included it with justice to say that it is an ordinary requirement because the bonds of fellowship are so strong Rulers acquire glory for Cicero when they act justly to their followers But the Italian renaissance rewrote the idea of magnificence. People had to donate so that large lavish buildings could be created. This is how Cicero and Aristotle sought to bind the populace to themselves by public donations and so that they would win gratitude o M picks up this version of generosity. o But instead of binding the ruler through gratitude, the traditional conception of generosity would in fact lead to contempt or hatred of the ruler (this is the last paragraph of CH 16) Here M is raising the practical question: how can you pay for generosity? Can you pay for generosity but still not rob your own people. But if you must rob the people in order to be thoroughly generous, the people will hate you for your generosity. This is the eventual outcome for dictators who ride the wave of populism. o M gives the example of Julius Caesar who would have either had to reduce expenditure or destroy himself o But after you spend your money through a reputation for generosity, you will be impoverished and the people will hate you. They will hate you more if you tax them afterwards o Hence generosity as traditionally constructed is self defeating for the ruler o Hence, accepting an reputation for being ungenerous is one of the vices that make good government possible. Vices, as traditionally understood, makes government possible. If a ruler keeps a tight grip on his funds he will appear to be more generous over time as he does things for the public good which are in his means. And he will be able to finance his army and provide security for the people. Recall that M has already said that it is security what people really want. Protection is more important and so it is importantly for the rule to not waste money on expenditure. Whether they know it or not, what the people will want is security. Ms politics are designed to give them this.
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