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Political Science
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Erin Black

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POL200 February 28, 2013 Leviathan The final nail in the coffin to archaic ancient notions of aristocratic philosophy. A covenant, or a pact, in society to form society. Science as the liberation from mysticism of religion - that society can be formed around scientific foundations. Leviathan is the name of a sea monster originating from the Bible in the Book of Job. The monster represents the oppressive, militaristic, absolute power of despots. The end goal of the state would be to maintain peace under rule of law - strengthening political authority. Attack on clerical authority as political entities; to overthrow the traditional power of christianity. The human body is to be understood mechanically - the theory revolves around the blood stream being pumped by the heart. This was extended to the state. - Look within thyself to understand human nature and passion. He offers a study of the human passions with empirical evidence. His conception of society is a good society, based on human nature. - Our knowledge of reality outside of our own mind is through the senses; matter in motion. - Insignificant Speech - false, that signifies nothing that is actually out there in reality, or in existence. Schools, universities and the Church are manipulative institutions that play upon the simplicity of people to instil ideas of spirits and immaterial forces. Hobbes was a sceptic that religion was not a good way of observing the world. Hobbes denies that prudence has power - it is fallacious, offering conjectures that revolve around an infinite amount of causes, moving away from science. Therefore the best prophet is the best guesser. That prudence is both animal and human, that we can see causes and consequences of certain situations. Prudence is not practical wisdom. Professors and clerics use
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